Beyond Thorough

I am great at creating the worst possible scenarios in my head. I think a lot of times it just really has to do with the need in planning for all possible solutions and outcomes. Today though, today I didn’t plan.

I had gotten into work ready to get the day over with. I walked into work with slippers (flip flops to those not from the islands) because I was too busy ensuring my pups were taken care of. Strike one. Continue reading “Beyond Thorough”

Dear Nana

Dear Nana,

You were gone before I got the pleasure of meeting you. Lately I’ve been thinking about you and Gramps along with my dad and grandparents. But, mostly you.

First, let me take the time to actually introduce myself. I’m the one that “stole” your grandson’s heart. I didn’t mean to at first. Continue reading “Dear Nana”

Mind Tricks

Do you know the story of Job?

In the Bible, son’s of God went to present themselves to God. Satan came along with them. The Lord asked Satan where he came from then followed up with asking if he had seen his servant Job, a man who was upright and just. Satan essentially scoffed at that saying, “Ya right. Take everything away from him and he’ll hate you.” God did. And Job still held on to his faith. Continue reading “Mind Tricks”

Guys! It’s here.

I want to shout it on the roof tops, even though I know nothing has happened yet. There are just so much emotions that are in me right now. I know that today’s interview will be a little difficult. But, I also know it is one step closer to holding my little one in my arms.

It’s been a rough week and I hope Licensor J has a kind heart.

I can’t believe it’s happening guys. God promised me a family. And we are one step closer to that blessing.

Please pray for favor for us!!! xoxo

Mama’s At Heart

I was scared to wake up this morning. Unlike every other day, today is the day that motherhood is celebrated. Today you will open your eyes and sort through the feelings of the little ones you’ve lost, being unable to conceive, the feelings of inadequacy. I want you to know, my love, it is okay to feel.  Continue reading “Mama’s At Heart”

License to Parent

I’ve decided until a little one graces me with his or her presence I’d keep updating y’all every Fridays on what is going on. It has been an exciting week in regards to the foster to adopt process. Finally…I hope…every paper work they gave us to submit has been completed, signed and turned in. As if the paperwork wasn’t inquisitive in and of itself we now away the moment when we open are doors for the licensor to come in. Continue reading “License to Parent”

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