In Case Of Emergency

It is no secret that when you foster or adopt there is a rigorous plan laid out before you to ensure the safety of the child. While I can appreciate and respect that it doesn’t change the fact that the rules of being a licensed parent versus a birth parent is vastly different.

As a foster parent we’ve had to jump through the fire, so to speak. From putting a lock on our stove to anchoring furniture it’s been interesting days in the Flores hale*. Continue reading “In Case Of Emergency”

And Then, It Hits

Sometimes, sometimes when you least expect it the pain of all the losses just hit you. You can be doing things to move on, doing things to heal and then it hits. It is like a tsunami wave of sorrow hitting you in the gut, taking the wind completely out of your sails. And when this happens, the only way I know how to take another breath is by letting my soul feel. Continue reading “And Then, It Hits”

Adapting to Adopting

Many couples who I know who have struggled with infertility issues found themselves pregnant during or after they have adopted. While I don’t believe adopting makes you more fertile the thought that pregnancy could happen during this process, well I’m gonna be honest and tell you that idea scares me.

Making the decision to foster or even adopt was a journey for my husband and I. We knew that there are children out there that needed a loving home and amazing parents. We also knew that our hearts were broken. We can’t provide a stable and loving home to littles if we couldn’t accept the healing that God was offering. Continue reading “Adapting to Adopting”

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