In 2001 the journey of love begin. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was one of my good friend’s birthday. The four of us girls were hanging out like we normally did. My best friend’s phone rang. It was her cousin asking if it was a good idea to ask me out. That day the girls and I took extra care in getting dressed for church because not only were we gonna have a birthday party after but chances were I was gonna have a boyfriend. Two years later he asked my dad if he could have my hand in marriage. A year later we wrote our own vows and said I do.

A lot has changed since our wedding in 2004. We lived in 9 different cities, 4 different states, held countless jobs, added 2 fur babies to our family, and continued to fall in love with each other every day. During these years there has always been something that has never changed: wanting a family. It has been tough as we have dealt with multiple miscarriages, unresolved infertility issues, and doctors saying we would never have a baby to term.

During a rough time in my life God had promised me a family. I had been asking for a while and He promised I would be able to have children run through my home. Miscarriage after miscarriage I began to harbor anger toward God. “You promised,” I’d cry out. I was beginning to lose hope. Even as my siblings families grew, my empty womb reminded me of my inability to reproduce.

It wasn’t until last year, after 12 years of marriage did I really understand what God promised. I asked Him for a family. I didn’t specifically say how. I just said I wanted to be a mom. And, now, now we embark on this amazing journey after 13 years of being barren. In February 2017 we started the journey to become Foster parents in hopes to be able to foster to adopt a little one and make him or her ours. This blog will take you through that journey of love, frustration, possibly heartache, and hope.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us!

You can also follow my main blog here, it’s a blog about refining the jagged edges of life and becoming the best version of you. xoxo


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