The Call

Guys! It happened! It finally happened!

I would have thought when you get your first placement it would work just like it says in the books. But really, just like everything else through this journey, it was unexpected.


Within four hours from speaking with the placement desk my husband and I were strapping the little one into our car seat that has sat in my car for almost a year. And just like that we were foster parents.

The past few days have been a world wind. Baby has settled in for the most part. He loves to smile and laugh with us. He definitely knows when he needs a bottle or needs to be changed. The best part? The first night he was fussy and I had basketball on, I turned to let him watch – he was hooked.

And all the preparations for this little one has shown me a few things…

We weren’t as prepared as we thought. We always said we wouldn’t purchase diapers until we had a little one because they are so expensive. But, we soon realized we have car seats but no infant carseats. We had no bath items but towels and a tub. We weren’t really prepared for feedings – or cleaning up after those feedings. And when we picked him up, we weren’t prepared to have had our hearts stolen.

Guarding our hearts has failed. When you go through foster training/classes you’re taught that the word adoption was the proverbial “f” word. They tell you to love the child(ren) but guard your heart. Reunification is usually number one so the “a” word was too taboo to carry around. But, the minute the door opened and I saw my little one look up at me I knew no matter the length of time, I am the mother of this little and oh so sweet boy.

We are definitely new parents. Having a lot of younger cousins I had the fortune to learn how to take care of a little one. But, in all honesty, I learned nothing I needed to learn! Sure, my sister taught me how to change a diaper, feed the baby, give them a bath, and put baby down to sleep. But she did all the other little things that kept our cousins happy. The same things I’m learning now! Like (and yes, laugh all you like) the bottles should be sterilized after each us not just the first time. Or, binkies are very, very, very important to always have on hand. Or, the baby will laugh at you when you have a blow out.

It’s been an amazing ride so far. We are learning about each other and getting comfortable with the signs and signals baby wants us to know. In turn, we pray for him every morning and night that God would touch him, heal him, and be with him. Will he be our forever baby? I don’t know. What I do know is this, there has never been a sense of uncertainty the minute I knew baby needed a home. I always felt I was called to help children. I never really understood how until the doors of mpact and fostering opened up. And let me tell you this, the call opened up the door and everything feels absolutely right.

The adventure has begun. And I can’t wait until we see what is in store for us. xoxo


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