A Library Fit For a Prince(ss)

Dear Little One,

By the time the judge hits the gavel I will probably have written you more letters than I’ve done your dad. And I’ve written him quite a few.

It’s been a relatively quiet week. Wednesday started my permanent session slots. Once mPact starts up again next week it’ll be busy Wednesdays for me. In a sense I welcome the routine. It’s been a very un-routine summer. I’m told that’s how motherhood is like. I guess it was nice to get a taste of it.

This week though I sought to find ways to prepare more for you. I straightened up the nursery because it became a resting ground for old mail and unfolded clothing. I’m not sure what happened but it was a little rough doing it. I spoke with God during most of my time asking Him what was He trying to accomplish in our wait. Far be it from me to question Him. I guess I’m just a little weary of waiting.

So, to help with that I’ve decided to build your library.

To be fair, it’s my excuse to buy books. But, for a good cause. I’ve been on the hunt to find books from my childhood that I know you’d enjoy. Like, Where The Wild Things Are, Brown Bear Brown Bear, anything Dr. Seuss and Curious GeorgeGood Night Moon too. I’m also looking for poetry books that inspire you to think creatively. I found a book called Spinster Goose, I’ve found three of Shel Silverstein’s books (although these I may wait until you’re a little older before we share it), and I can’t forget the Napping House.

It’s essential for me to know that I at least try to instill in you the same love of books as I have. I want you to share in the joys of reading. I began to read because it took me into worlds I could never dream of. Climbing mountains and scaling walls. Meeting talking cats and hilarious monkeys. Reading opened up the world of imagination. And, Little One, what a beautiful world it is. Though I’m an adult now, reading still does that for me. It takes me back into time when wagons were used for main transportation, where knights and queens ruled the world. It has taken me into countries like France, Italy, Canada and Africa. It has allowed me to travel the US. And I can’t wait to share that with you.

When the judge finally hits the gavel I want to throw you a party. And when I do, instead of a card I want all your loved ones to purchase you a book with a handwritten note inside. So, together, as we officially welcome you and show you off, we can build a library fit for a prince(ss).

Until then, I’m enjoying my book hunting for you. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve found.

With all my love,


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