Once Upon A Time

I decided two years ago to write a novel. It’s been a steady process, a process that keeps changing. It’s important for me to tell this story because it has become who I am. And like my story, I have changed through the years. But, one thing has never changed: I’ve always wanted to write. After my novel I’ve committed to writing children’s books. I want children – especially mine – to fall in love with words like I did as a child. Books like Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog, or Brown Bear, Brown Bear has impacted me. Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein can probably be credited to my love of rhyme. 

I needed to find a way to explain our update. And so I came up with the below poem. One day, I’d like to find the time to draw the pictures and create a small words/picture book series called “Little One” that will walk my little one down the journey of God delivering him or her out of the unknown to their forever home.

Once upon a time lived a man and a wife
In a little blue house making a life
With two dogs, one large and one small
A decision made on a rainy nightfall
A family they longed for to call their own
To puddle dance and eating snow cones
Hours of classes, trainings and tea
Lead down a path just fit for three

Along the road were stumbles and snags
Trolls and tolls and a witched hag
Winter turned spring, summer and autumn
Piles of leaves but no baby bottle
Rivers they floated, mountains they hiked
Hoping to find a blessed delight
Dreams of adventures, laughter and fun
All to bring to the little one

A glowing moon and shooting stars for guidance
Man and wife stood tall with defiance
They refused to lose faith, to give up on hope
Walking across every tight rope
Through darkness and light, whispers of love
They stood fast together and looked to above

A house of three, little one will come
Beginning the excitement, of joy and of fun
Until such a time they look here and there
Fighting off dragons and the monster’s snare
For they know the sun will surely rise
Opening their door to a magical surprise
Come what may, the wife and the man
A king and queen awaiting the Flores clan


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