My Vows

I wanted to give an update today about our process. I had originally written a poem about all of the feels that is associated with finally starting the agency suggested sessions. But, I need to write something else to get it off my chest lest it sit there and stew. 

No secret, I’m not a parent. But, I’ve helped raise cousins, nieces and nephews so I am quite confident on the type of parenting style I want to have and do have. I believe that as a parent your job is to connect to your littles. Each child is uniquely made therefore each connection is vitally important. With each connection, as a parent, you also need to be unyielding with the consequences you set for each child’s action. Positive action is included there.

All that to say, I know that parenting can be hard. I know the relationship between a parent and a child is not a partnership. I get that. I’m not that naive. But, I also know the relationship between a parent and a child is somewhat of a co-op. Growing up is all about requiring everyone to work together to achieve a common goal. And as a mother, that common goal is that your children will know that God has a purpose for them and in God they can be whatever they want to be.

And that’s the issue. Because, sometimes life will throw someone a curve and they won’t have the privilege to have family who can take the job as a mother, father or elder and help a child thrive. And my heart hurts knowing that. My heart hurts knowing there are some parents who can’t just look at their son, their daughter and be proud of what they are accomplishing. My heart hurts seeing a child long for the acceptance and unconditional love that, in my opinion, should always be bestowed upon them.

Fathers, mothers I implore you today. I understand that life can be difficult. Sometimes you just want to run away. But, choosing to be a parent means helping your child through all that life throws at them all the while lifting them up so they can reach for the stars. It will be overwhelming. You will have sleepless nights. But, it also will include seeing all of life’s possibilities in your little one. It includes empowering those precious minds to soar into a world they didn’t think they could.

You know, it scares me knowing how much sacrificing of my body, time, finances comes with being a parent. It scares me knowing that I have weaknesses as a mother, daughter, woman. But, I know I would selflessly give everything I have to each of my children so they know there is no limit to what they can do. I would sacrifice everything I had so they could feel loved and cherished.

And that, in my opinion, should be the vow we all make as parents: to selflessly be everything we need to be for our children that they may grow in God to serve Him and be the very best that they can be.

So, today my little ones, I vow these to you:

I promise as your mama to love you as God loves you. No matter your faults, I will love you.

I promise to be the example God needs me to be in order for you to thrive in whatever environment you are in; whether that be in school, at home, on the job.

I will adore you to the ends of the earth and teach you to love God, yourselves and each other.

Things won’t always be cozy, there will be times I must reprimand you. But please know, it’s because I love you and know that you are so much more than a tantrum or heated argument.

I promise to teach you manners, how to honor chivalry, how to respect oneself and others.

I will provide shelter and guide you in a world full of hate and discouragement because there isn’t much I would rather do than to encourage you, motivate you so that you may be the best version of your little selves.

I also promise that I will annoy you, hassle you to ensure you’re okay, and occasionally embarrass you in front of your friends. I wouldn’t be a mama otherwise.

I promise to learn for you and with you.

I promise to always be there for you. And should the world ever be cruel to you, I promise to comfort you and help pick you up when it gets dark.

I promise to pray for you ever day, all day for protection, health and guidance.

And most importantly, I promise to teach you to love and serve God with your entire heart and being that you may be blessed and grow into the man or woman of God He intends you to be.

With all of my love,


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