A Sloth & A Turtle

I liken the progress of our licensing to a sloth. Slow and steady will never win this race for me. I’m antsy and just want things done already. I want to be tired because my kiddo kept me up all night versus me being up all night reading a book. I want to be the mama telling stories about the antics of the little one that has stolen my heart. Lord, give me patience.

This week we didn’t really work on anything, other than building callused knees. We’ve been praying a lot about finding a therapist that will give me an assessment. Let me tell you, it has been a battle. Who would have thought answering three questions would be so difficult?

Look how easy it is for me to answer JO’s questions…

1) What subject matters did you discuss? The topics should include depression and coping skills. Yes, Pearl has openly discussed her depression and coping skills.

2) Am I able to implement those strategies the therapist suggests?  Yes, together we continued on building those coping skills.

3) Does the therapist feel I’ve successfully shared/completed the objectives we came up with together. Yes, Pearl is ready to be a mama.

Wow! Look it there! It’s done. Now, only if it was that easy for a therapist to say it. Show me some love!

Sorry about being facetious. I really shouldn’t be sarcastic but I just want this over with. Again, did I tell you how much I’m ready to be a mama?

I was told God has it in control this week and I responded with I know I just want it Pearl speed. She laughed because nothing is ever Pearl speed. Which is probably the problem that God is seriously trying to get me to realize. Patience. Hasn’t patience been at the forefront of most of these posts? When will I ever learn?

I should learn soon since a door that we thought was closed opened up. I did, in fact, find a therapist. Will she Pearl speed the answers to my licensor? Probably not. But, I found a therapist. And right now, I’m counting that as a blessing because it sounded like she was dead set against seeing me. God does have it under control, even when my human impatience gets in the way. I may possibly have the turtle mentality in understanding patience. I’m just ready to take the plunge instead of sitting here in the shallow. I’m ready to be the rabbit. Or the road runner. Or a big shark that isn’t afraid of the deep. Well, maybe not a shark, just like a dolphin or something.

Little one, I know it’s taking a little longer than expected. But, I promise you, Mama and Daddy are coming. We’ll be a family soon enough. xoxo


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  1. Praying for you during this long process. I am like you…I lack patience. That’s something I’m going to struggle with during our newly started journey into foster/adoption. Good luck!

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