Not Much To Update

Patience is a virtue. For me it definitely is. There isn’t much of an update this week. Our licensor is still on vacation. I swear July 5th can’t come fast enough. I’m actually going crazy because the world is still buzzing, moving forward, and all I want it to do is stop until things are taken care of.

Once I hear something believe me y’all will be the first to know. When he comes back and says, Pearl and Jeremy let’s fill your home, I will be shouting it from the rooftops. Everything is falling into place. Doors are still opening. Staying open. I know God is in this. My licensor just needs to, you know, stop goofing off and filling his belly on vacation and get with the program!

Speaking of doors opening, the only thing that really is an update is: WE’VE FINALLY FOUND CHILDCARE! I don’t know much about the child care/day care system except that it’s super expensive. My parents always had each other and family to take care of us. My nieces and nephews had their parents and family. In Hawaii, it was always family. But, I had to figure things out and we finally did it!

We went through so much different day cares that had either these two mentalities:

  1. We are full.

  2. We don’t take foster kids.

I’m going to tell you right now, day care after day care, hearing those words became disheartening. A friend offered to be a sitter but she couldn’t do it until after her surrogacy which meant if a little one was to fall into my lap before Septemberish I’d be screwed. So the search continued.

One day during work I was bored and so I googled “Child Care near me.” I pulled up a plethora of different places but none seemed right. I narrowed my search to walking distance from my work and voila!

Jeremy and I went to take a tour last week and it’s everything I can want in a child care facility. It is Christian based. It is a very secure facility. The child to teacher ratio is small. The curriculum is outlined and from what I saw meets my standards. They have openings for all age groups. And the best part? The director is so incredibly knowledgeable regarding the foster care system. We just needed to keep looking and not give up. I think we found our perfect match.

Until I can scream, shout and do my happy dance… xoxo


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