Dear Nana

Dear Nana,

You were gone before I got the pleasure of meeting you. Lately I’ve been thinking about you and Gramps along with my dad and grandparents. But, mostly you.

First, let me take the time to actually introduce myself. I’m the one that “stole” your grandson’s heart. I didn’t mean to at first. I’m sure you’ve watched us from above long enough to know the story. Your granddaughter became my best friend. She told me to go for your grandson. I said no. Your grandson and I still became friends. Then one day I realized why you adored him so much. Your grandson, Jeremy, he’s a keeper. He’s a man of little words with a quiet strength. That strength I have come to realize has allowed me to be the woman I am today.

All of that to say I’ve had you on my heart today. Especially since it’s your birthday. I often think about you wondering if you’d like me. I hear stories about how strong willed you were, how loving and kind, and quite frankly intimidating. I’ve been described with those same words so I wonder if we would ever butt heads like I do with so many others. But, most of all, I long to tell you the path your grandson and I have taken in our lives.

Today we heard good news that our licensing packet is finally hitting the supervisor. That means we are at the final stages before we can bring a little one into our home. And all I can think about is you. How special it would be to FaceTime you and let you meet the little one that will assuredly capture our hearts the moment we lay eyes on him or her. How special it would be to be able to have little one sing you happy birthday. How incredible it would be just to have you here.

I’ve always been a believer that you choose the family you have. But, that isn’t to say the family we are born into isn’t important. I realized our family is scattered or no longer around and during this foster to adopt phase, it saddens me. Don’t get me wrong, we are blessed to be in a good church with good friends to lean and learn from as we become parents. But how much fun would it be to have you holding our little one’s hand as we walk to the park?

Nana, while I didn’t get the fortune to get to know you, a part of me feels like I do. The stories I have heard makes me feel like I was a part of your life. Your memory and your legacy will not taper out simply because of what you meant to the family. And as we go through the foster to adopt phase of our lives know that every step of the way you will continue to be a part of ours as we grow and learn as a family.

Happiest of Happy Birthdays.

All of my love,


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