Dear Little One – Part 2 (Hope)

Dear Little One,

Can you feel it? There is something in the air. A feeling of relief and peace. It’s of excitement and new possibilities. It’s of the adventures and the tears. It’s of the laughter and lessons. Oh, little one, it’s of the completeness you’re about to bring to my heart. Our heart.

I’ll admit though, it’s been a long road to become licensed. There was a time just three weeks ago where it felt like the process was taking too long and I was losing hope. I forgot to keep my eyes up. Instead, like Lot’s wife, I looked back and agony struck. During that time I wrote you something.

From my entire heart to yours.


A prayer was uttered for hope
That my heart could be steady
To await your blissful arrival
From emotions so heavy

I took a breath for calmness
And took a look around
A nursery built with you in mind
Of love abundantly found

A tear fell down my cheek
In the crib I could see
Gazing at me with a smile
My little, my sweet blessing

I rocked in the rocker
Where I’ll sing you lullabies
While I cradle you close
Drying your eyes

Hope, I whispered
Seeing our future together
A family whole by your presence
Gearing up for life’s adventures

Hope, I said again
Gaining strength at the sound
Our love becoming a shelter
A home you will have found

Hope, feeling the power
Of the blessing on its way
My precious dear little one,
Hurry home I pray

Home where you can dream
Be all that you need
With love supporting who you are
Imagination we will feed

Home where you can laugh
And not worry of tragedy
Of acceptance of your past
And forgiveness through Calvary

Home, my sweet little one
Where mama holds you tight
Where daddy loves you fiercely
And makes your boo-boos right

Precious love, this will be your home
And I hope you can see
How hope has brought you here
To your forever family


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