License to Parent

I’ve decided until a little one graces me with his or her presence I’d keep updating y’all every Fridays on what is going on. It has been an exciting week in regards to the foster to adopt process. Finally…I hope…every paper work they gave us to submit has been completed, signed and turned in. As if the paperwork wasn’t inquisitive in and of itself we now away the moment when we open are doors for the licensor to come in.

That’s right y’all, IT’S HOME STUDY TIME!!!

On Thursday, May 18th, we will be opening the door to JO, our licensor, for our first interview with him. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. I am excited and nervous and impatient all together. The time has finally come. I know there is still a process, but this visit is official.

At this first meeting he will interview both Jeremy and I separately. One hour each. Asking us questions about our personal profile and everything in between. Nothing is off limits. It scares me to know that this absolute stranger knows so much about my past that many people do not. After reading everything, has he passed judgement? Does he think I’m broken? Worried of me being a foster mama? Worried of me being a mama? What does he think of me after I poured my heart and soul into being honest to him in that profile?

The second meeting will be shorter. But, it’s the second meeting that I think scares me the most. It is the prelim of the final walk through of my home. Is it safe for a child? I think so. But, will the state? I have little one’s crib. I have all the safety precautions that they require. I made sure my puppies were up to date. Will they look at the small apartment and laugh me off?

The third and final meeting will be a meeting that indicates any missed paperwork, additional paperwork, or actions needed from us. That would probably be the easiest so we just need to get through the first two. Will we make it?

There are so many questions unanswered during the maze we call licensing to parent. But, I know that I am more than excited and more than willing. If I can just make one child realize that they are loved, wanted, cherished, it will make all the difference in the world.

Little one, we are almost there. I can’t wait to meet you! xoxo


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